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Panta Rhei

28.09 -03.10 | Crete

Panta Rhei is a body-mind oriented retreat that offers you the space to rebalance and connect in the deepest sense. A multi-sensory ride interweaving movement, yoga, mindfulness, collective practices, inner work and creativity.  An opportunity to pause, slow down, restore and reconnect.

Panta Rhei comes from the teachings of Greek philosopher Heraclitus, it basically means “everything flows”. Heraclitus saw the world as constantly in flux, always becoming but never being. “No one ever steps in the same river twice”.

The Retreat

During 6 days, in the magical island of Crete, we will immerse ourselves in healing and creative practices that will guide us towards the discovery of the inherent needs of each body.

We have thought of a gentle and flexible schedule, that can be easy to everyone's rhythms, yet can also offer deep moments of detox and inner-work. There will be silent mornings, walks, river dives, yoga, meditation, movement sessions, dream work, workshops for creativity and senses, Thai massage workshop, sound healing, rituals. 

We want to build up an intimate group of 8 participants and we are thrilled to welcome you! If you have been looking for an opportunity to take a moment to restore, connect your body and mind, and are interested in inner growth, this retreat is for you! 




Our meeting will take place in Aiode, a peaceful spiritual centre located in Armenoi, 20km east of Chania in the Apokoronas region of Crete. Armenoi is one of the very special villages in Crete, as it has a water spring that rises directly in the village and carries ice-cold and pure mountain water with them. The village is only 2.5km away from the sea. 


Aiode is truly a magical place, surrounded by an enchanted Mediterranean garden with palm trees, cacti, avocado, lemon, orange trees and a view of the white mountains, the "Lefka Ori".  The are inner and outer rooms for sound healing, awareness and body work. The place is quiet and powerful, as if made for contemplation and to recharge your batteries. There is a small spring river with its own bathing area to refresh yourself and several hammocks and numerous romantic seats. There are many large trees that provide shade. Simple being in the place can be already healing, you can let your soul dangle.

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Themes we will be working on





Silent walks, gentle yoga, senses workshop, rituals

Inner work, Thai massage workshop, meditation

Silent mornings, sound healing, restorative yoga

Dream work, somatic movement workshop, archetype workshop, collective sharing

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Practical Info

Contribution:  €  985 incl. tax  | Early Bird: € 885 incl. tax (registration before 31st July!) The contribution fee includes transportation from Chania International airport to Aiode at your arrival and departure, daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, participation in all the classes, workshops and sessions. 


We will spoil you with daily served breakfast, lunch and dinner. The surrounding taverns invite you to further meals, which are Cretan authentic and inexpensive. 


We take care of your transportation from Chania International airport to Aiode at your arrival and departure, which is included in the contribution fee. The flight must be booked independently. It is also possible to get to Heraklion Airport, from there you can take the express bus.

Accommodation for 5 nights

There are different shared and private accommodation alternatives in Aiode. Let us know which is the best alternative for you:

2-person comfort tent (with 2 beds):  € 75 per person

1-person comfort tent (with 1 bed): € 100 per person

Double room/ per person:  € 125 per person

Small Single room: € 125 (limited possible) per person

Caravan - suitable for one person or a couple: € 100

We have 8 spots available! We are thrilled to welcome you!

About us

Heike_Bluthardt_ bloedrood_roots retreat.jpg

I am Heike, a personal art director, illustrator and tireless maker with a fascination for the creative process and with a great sense of what drives someone. Developing concepts, brainstorming, researching and creating together. That makes me happy!

I will guide you through the discovery of your own creative process, by listening very carefully to what you say and don’t tell, see the words that are missing in your thoughts and see the connections between the loose, half-finished sentences. I bring in the nuances and make the story tangible.

Together we look at your core values. What do you show and what not? What is only visible to you? And what makes your story authentic? What are your fears, your dreams, your loves, your fascinations and your anger? What is your intrinsic motivation? The source of your creativity?

I believe in the application of stories in communication, the reinforcement of personality traits and the importance of sensory experiences. More about me:

My name is Paulina. I am a dancer, performer, hands-on and massage therapist, yoga practitioner and teacher and dance movement therapist in formation. Movement, nature and playfulness have always been shaping my life!

During Panta Rhei I will invite you to open a bridge of communication with your own body. I will offer a daily gentle yoga class. I will guide through movement explorations and dances. Through dancing you will reconnect with the joy of being alive in the form of your unique body. Through dream work and guided meditations you will experience the body beyond its distinct physical form and tune into the signals of your inner landscapes, discovering the awareness that lies beneath the surface of consciousness. We will reflect together, think collectively and share embodied experiences.

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Reserve your spot!

Call us


Heike: +316 248 76320

Paulina: +316 285 58625

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