Energy Centers Alignment

50/60 min: € 20 - 45 Sliding scale

Streams of energy inside and outside the body play a very important role for the good functioning of our nervous system and organs. The Chakras or Energy Centers, are nodes located along the vertebral spine, where energy passes and focuses. With the help of a pendulum, I find the places that are perhaps tired or blocked. With stones and reiki I help to re-enhance the free flow of the energy streams through the energy centers and through the whole body.

During this session you will receive a cleansing of the 7 main chakras and the layers of the aura. The body may experience gentle infusions of energy, the mind becomes clear and calm. The alignment that occurs inevitably helps the body to ground.


Healing Hands-on

inspired by Fasciapulsology

Intuitive massage

relaxation | deep tissue

trigger points | reiki