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Healing Hands-on

50/60 min: € 25 - 50 Sliding scale

In the anatomical and physiological realm of the body, the connective tissue is a membranous network that supports the transmission of physical forces and maintains the balance of vital functions. The fluid stream of the body runs through all the territories and layers creating and assuring its unity.

In this session, with sensitive hands, I follow the different pulsations caused by the exchange of fluids in the membranous network of the body. I recognise places where the stream of energy needs de-blockage or energisation. Here traumatic memory could be released. The body experiences a deep rest and re-harmonisation. The touch is gentle and `the hands make no pressure. This session is explicitly based on my knowledge in Fasciapulsology, after 5 years of study with my teacher.


Energy Centers Alignment

balancing and re-energizing the

chakras | reiki 

Intuitive massage

relaxation | deep tissue

trigger points | reiki

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