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Intuitive Massage

60 min: € 50 

90 min: € 70 

During this massage treatment I combine different tools, such as relaxation techniques, deep tissue massage, trigger point pressure, carefully shaking/pulling body parts and reiki. It can be a very gentle massage or it can also become an intensive tension-removing massage. We talk beforehand to find out what is the best treatment for you, that day.

It can be a full body massage, or a back, neck shoulder massage. I will ask you if there are areas you would like to focus on, then, intuitively and gently, within the flow of the massage, I will localize tensions that need to be released and find parts that may need activation. And at the same time, I use techniques to bring deep relaxation and awareness to the whole body.

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Healing Hands-on

inspired by Fasciapulsology

Energy Centers Alignment

balancing and re-energizing the

chakras | reiki 

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