Here you can take the time to get in touch with your natural rhythms

and gently release blockages for a reborn feeling.

*During March and April I will be giving the sessions in Miramira Yoga Studio


balancing and re-energizing the

chakras | reiki 

relaxation | deep tissue

trigger points | reiki

inspired by Fasciapulsology



I have had a strong relationship with my body since I can remember. Movement, nature and playfulness have always been a big part of my life. I was raised in the south of Chile in-between the mountains and the sea. The deep rhythms of such an intense landscape left their marks.


I became a professional dancer, a yoga practitioner and teacher. Upon studying somatic practices, together with hands-on practices (Fasciapulsology specifically) a deep sensitivity towards somatic processes started to emerge in me. As a result from all my practices and experiences related to the body, massage therapy came to me as a natural landing after this long journey.

I learned reiki during my trip to India, in 2017. I became a certified massage therapist with Paulo Uribe in Chile, in 2019, and I have been working as such since then. I met Florence Augendre  in Ghent, in 2016. She introduced me to Fasciapulsology. Since then until today, I have been regularly studying and learning alongside with her mesmerising knowledge about the body, its physiological systems an its correlations.

I have dedicated a lot of my time to listening to my own as well as other bodies. Giving ground for the natural pulses to be found again. Gently and firmly releasing blockages and  leading pain out of the body. Holding space for the streams of energies to find back their impulses and re-infusing the body with life energy.

Paulina Vogel


Schiedamsedjik 53C, 3011 EE, Rotterdam

info@rootsstudio.nl | Tel: 062-855-8625

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