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massage trigger points

Intuitive Massage

relaxation | deep tissue | trigger points | reiki

60 min: € 60 
90 min: € 90

During this treatment I combine different tools, such as relaxation techniques, deep tissue massage, trigger point pressure, carefully shaking/pulling body parts, hands-on and reiki. Intuitively, within the flow of the massage, I localise tensions that need to be released and find parts that may need activation. Bringing deep relaxation and awareness to the whole body.

We talk beforehand to find which are the areas that need more attention. We can address the tissular body and the muscles, if what is needed is to recover and to remove tensions. It can also be only gentle and relaxing and/or it can support emotional processing. We can combine different aspects as well, as much as the length of the session allows.

It is an ideal treatment for after intense physical activity or, on the contrary, too much stagnation and fixation after sitting many hours in front of the desk.  

Gentle Hands-on

sensitive touch | cellular breathing


60 min: € 60 

This hands-on treatment addresses the fascial system. The fascia is a connective tissue that supports the transmission of physical forces and maintains the balance of vital functions. It establishes a soft container for all the other structures of the body, it runs through all the territories and layers creating and assuring its unity.

We begin with cellular presence (cellular breathing) and focus on the resonation and dialogue between client and practitioner. With sensitive hands, touching in different rhythms, through placement of attention within specific layers of the body, the body comes into harmony and experiences a deep rest.


This shifting of energy expression allows for more choices and expanded consciousness of body-mind and a connection between our inner feeling with our outer expression.

hands-on session
thai massage

Thai Massage

traditional style | compression 

acupressure | streching

60 min: € 60 
90 min: € 90

Thai massage is a traditional therapy that combines deep pressure, acupressure, and compression to restore and activate the body’s energy pathways. It is said to be thousands of years old, and it is still part of Thailand's medical system due to its healing properties at both emotional and physical level. 


When receiving the treatment, you can wear loose, comfortable clothing and lie on a firm mat. There is constant close body contact between the giver and receiver.  I use not only the hands, but also elbows, knees and feet, giving weight, along with twisting and pulling. The different techniques work incredibly, increasing the range of motion in the joints and muscles. It helps to improve posture, it alleviates body pain and stimulates the body’s circulation and lymphatic drainage system. There is a meditative rhythm that underlies the whole session, helping to relax the nervous system. 

Pregnancy Massage

relaxation | deep tissue | hands-on | reiki

60 min: € 60
90 min: € 90

Pregnancy is a special period for every mother-to-be. During this time, the body is constantly adjusting to changes at a physical and hormonal level. This can cause stress, muscle tensions and extra accumulation of fluids. From 12 weeks until the end of pregnancy, you can book this treatment, when I help to relieve the tensions and discomforts. We talk beforehand to find which are the areas that need more attention. You will be lying on a firm mat and we use pillows and towels to help you find a comfortable side-lying position. You can feel free to adjust your position at any moment for ultimate comfort and relaxation. 


We avoid certain pressure points that could release the pelvic floor muscles too much. For the rest, the session develops very similar to the Intuitive Massage. 

*From 12 weeks until the end of pregnancy.

*Pregnant people may also benefit from the Gentle Hands-on treatment. 

pregnancy massage
chakra healing

Energy Centers Aligment

chakra balancing | reiki

60 min: € 60

The Chakras or Energy Centers, are nodes located along the vertebral spine, where energy passes and focuses. These streams of energy move inside and outside the body and play a very important role for the good functioning of our nervous system and organs. 


With the help of a pendulum, I search and  find the energetic places that are perhaps tired, over-active or stagnated. With specific stones and reiki I help to re-enhance the free flow of the energy streams through the node centers and through the whole body. The person receiving this treatment experiences gentle infusions of energy, a deep sense of calmness and clearness in the mind. There is an alignment that occurs in both the physical and mental state, helping to ground and bringing health to the organ systems, the nervous system and the emotional body. 

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