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“I’ve had three massages from Paulina and if there would be no lockdown it would definitely be more. They are so relaxing and wonderful that once I fell asleep. If you manage to stay awake though, you’ll experience the best massage thinkable. She is very thorough, paying extra attention to areas that are in want of it. Time always flies by too soon.”

- T. Lewis

"The session was very relaxing, but the after-effect was especially interesting. My body felt completely in balance. It brought a lot of peace and positive energy. For two nights after the massage, I slept like a log. It felt like my body was taking this opportunity to recover (from everyday life). In addition, Paulina is a very attentive hostess who really takes the time for you. I can certainly recommend others to try this exceptional massage." 

(After Healing Hands-on)

- S. de Jong

"Ik ben wonderlijk verrast over de handen van Paulina die mij een onverwacht heerlijke massage gegeven hebben in een rustige, prettige setting. Omdat ik regelmatig van mijn yoga juffen hoor dat je af en toe ook lief voor jezelf moet zijn, besloot ik om deze woorden om te zetten in daden en boekte een massage bij Paulina. Ik koos een nek- en hoofd massage. Paulina masseerde kort het hele lichaam om zich  daarna te richten op mijn nek en daarna hoofd. Het laatste was zo fijn dat ik "vertrok" naar een mooie warme plaats waar ik ooit geweest ben. Ik voelde de warmte door heel mijn lichaam. Het was een geweldige ervaring."

- C. Rivera

Ik ben nooit echt een fan geweest van massages, maar sinds ik bij Paulina kom, vind ik het heerlijk. Ik heb Paulina leren kennen via de yoga. Toen iemand vertelde dat ze een hele goede masseuse was, heb ik haar gevraagd of ze kon helpen met het soepel maken van mijn spieren die overspannen waren door een hele lastige schouderblessure. En dat is gelukt! Door de massage zijn mijn spieren ontspannen, en voelt mijn lichaam veel meer in balans.

- G. Kaper

“Een massage van Paulina Vogel is niet alleen heel ontspannend, maar een complete reset. Ze voelt heel goed aan waar de lichamelijke maar ook geestelijke gevoelige punten zitten. Haar massages zijn op het moment van behandeling heel ontspannend. Maar belangrijker is nog dat de massages doorwerken. Na de behandeling ben je meer in harmonie en voel je je energiek."

- N. Lans

"When I enter the room for the session I remember seeing the small sculpture which is a hound/bear holding a little girl with braids to offer the room protection and which reminded me of the bodhisattva’s in India. The candle light and the calm atmosphere in the room made me feel different, as if a different energy was present there. We drank hot water with ginger which stimulated my body to feel at ease.

I felt the urge to relieve my feet from pressure caused by the socks that were tightening the blood circulation due to the swollen feet caused by my pregnant body. The session started by Paulina’s gentle massage of the feet which felt like an enormous relieve because the whole body felt better and smoother the smell of lavender brought me back my senses.

Apart from feeling heavy or tight by extra weight I felt a relieve and a space opened within my body to enter again. During the session this feeling was slowly activated bit by bit. For me it felt if senses were activated again and by the touch of the hand a deeper energy awoken in my body.  Something I was unconscious about became conscious. Sometimes the body and the changes happening to my body give certain pains which I understood are the effect of a hard belly and the womb. During the hands-on work I could feel more softness in my muscles. Also when I closed my eyes I could feel that my body opened up to receive the energy and to repair itself. This I could sense through small black shapes that appeared in my mind while closing my eyes.

During the session the baby was slowly making movements and it was if I could feel her curiosity to something that was happening externally but she could sense as well. She might wanted to be in contact with the movements of the hands on the belly that she could feel.

After the session I remember we both noticed my belly was smaller and felt more attached to my body. The belly changed in shape and instead of feeling like an attached external piece it became internally closer. As if a blocked space in between partly evaporated due to fresh energy."

- S. Lewis

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